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Data Center

We have our very own all around prepared Data Center. This Data Center serves us for four major services such as data storage, backup and recovery, data management and networking Our All Networking devices are CISCO and Servers are DELL and HP items. As we have 14 diverse software’s which are utilized for our authoritative distinctive reason. A large portion of the software can be accessed through web. Our Data Center fills in as a base station for our product and business task. In addition, we have 25 Zonal Offices in different remote areas which have Data Connectivity to guarantee our smooth IT tasks like Software get to, IP Telephony, Access Control, Surveillance System and each one of those are reasonable using our Data Center organize assets. We have high arrangement server units to give perfection administrations without interference. We have CDCP (Certified Data Center Professionals) prepared group to take care this Data Center.

Our data center is likely to have thirty of very powerful and very small servers running 24/7.


To make our business task smooth and steadfast we have fourteen (14) software. Our center business programming is iMFAS which causes us to abridge field accumulation, load disburse, savings deposit, member admission, load realized, voucher create, accounting report, MIS report (savings portfolio, loan portfolio, monthly statistics, outstaying report, loan aging report).

For Fixed Asset Management we have software FIS, Inventory Management software utilized for Manage and keep record of in, out and put away.

To oversee and Keep record of our worker’s we have Sylvia, Human Resources Management programming. This software has employee registration, employee history, payroll, supervisor mapping, employee transfer, staff benefit management, succession, training, leave, performance management and more highlights.

We have CHRD (Center for Human Resources Development) in six distinct areas in Bangladesh. To deal with those CHRD we have our electronic CHRD Management software.

IP Telephony, Surveillance and Attendance System

One of our most interesting service for our Head Office, Division and Zones IP Telephony administrations. We guarantee dependable correspondence among our Head Office to wanted areas through IP Telephony. It has likewise video conferencing choices as well.

To guarantee our inside and outer security for our Head Office and CHRD we have 24/7 out IP Surveillance System which can be available from anyplace through Internet.

For employee and Office we have incorporated participation framework alongside our HRM software.


We are great at what we do

We are doing networking for all over the country mainly focusing our Zone office, we have 20 zone offices which will be connected through our head office.

Tangail CHRD (Central Human Resources Department) and Zone Office,Madhupur,Chittagong,Comilla and also rest of others zone office are covered under networking. We are also provide service CCcam And access control solution for our internal structure. We got data center where more than 700 branches are connected through different types of network. We have to maintain our data center and network connectivity all of our branches and try to resolve their solution as early as possible.
We have plan to provide data center service and web based solution for different types of company but obviously under management permission.

Core Services


    Developing a modernized and secure IT infrastructure that offers new information delivery models will enhance the Department’s voice, network, data and video capabilities, providing secure platforms for Department communications and emergency Business-safety and command and control situations.


    By optimizing data centers, adopting energy efficient technologies, maximizing the use of services and executing strategic sourcing initiatives, acquisition business target with lower IT operational costs.


    As the demand for mobile access grows, the Department will expand the number of platforms and devices supported. Through enterprise-based offerings, we will protect and secure all mobile data.

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